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Fifty Years of ICOM-CC: 1967–2017  

ICOM-CC will mark its fiftieth anniversary at the 18th Triennial Conference in 2017.

Created in 1967 from a small nucleus of conservation professionals, ICOM-CC now has over 2200 members worldwide, making it the largest international conservation organization and the largest of ICOM’s International Committees. ICOM-CC Triennial Conferences, Working Group interim meetings, and related publications are among the most respected in the profession.

Help us document the growth and history of ICOM-CC.

Under the guidance of ICOM-CC Secretary, Joan M. Reifsnyder, and Preprints Managing Editor, Janet Bridgland, the project to record ICOM-CC’s history has already begun with a systematic review of ICOM-CC’s archives and compilation of basic historical information on Directory Board members, Working Group Coordinators, Preprints, and ICOM-CC Medal recipients, etc. which are posted on the website.

Your help—both practical and financial—is vital to bring the project to completion.

Please contribute images or ephemera from Triennial Conferences, Working Group interim meetings, Directory Board meetings, and/or other ICOM-CC activities or compose a special memory or two of meaningful experiences as an ICOM-CC member. Contact us by e-mail ( for further information and guidelines.

Please contribute financially by clicking on the Donate button on this page. Donations of all sizes are welcome and are specifically earmarked for this project.

You are already part of the history of ICOM-CC. Help us document and celebrate this history at the 50th anniversary three years from now.



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