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ICOM-CC / Getty International Program

ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference

Melbourne, Australia, 15–19 September 2014

Congratulations to the ICOM-CC / Getty International Program grant recipients at the Melbourne Conference!


APRILLE P. TIJAM                                 
Manager, Exhibitions and Collections ▪ Ayala Museum, Philippines

      Aprille has been working in the museum industry in the Philippines for the past 20 years. While finishing her degree in Philippine Arts from the University of the Philippines-Manila, she was already a full-time museum worker: Metropolitan Museum of Manila (1994-97; 1999-2001); Museo ng Maynila (1998); and Balay Traliambong: The Cojuangco Museum & Art Center, Negros Occidental (2001-03). She received international training and travel grants from the CollAsia2010
Program of ICCROM, ICOM and The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.
      For the last 10 years, she’s affiliated with the Ayala Museum where she manages in-house exhibition programs (in partnership with local and foreign institutions) and collections management. Simultaneously, she project manages the Traveling Exhibition Program and Public Art Projects with the Ayala Group of Companies. She organizes training programs and is involved in museum development projects in the Philippines. Aprille also has extensive experience in Museum Public Relations, shipment management of exhibition components, and acted as courier for local and overseas loans and exhibitions.
      After this conference, she aims to implement applicable methodologies to Ayala Museum’s documentation processes for an improved and more effective collections management program. On top of which, she aims to continue to conceptualize and implement education programs anchored on the museum’s permanent collections for the continuing education of the Ayala Museum collections team, researchers, and museum audience.

AHMAD N. ABU-BAKER                              
Assistant Professor, Department of Conservation and Management of Cultural Resources - Yarmouk University, Jordan

      Ahmad is an assistant professor at the Department of Conservation and Management of Cultural Resources at the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan. He has qualifications in applied chemistry (BSc), conservation and management of cultural resources (MA), and cultural materials conservation (PhD).
      Ahmad’s research interests include: corrosion and corrosion inhibition of archaeological metals and alloys, electrochemical techniques in metal conservation, innovative analytical techniques applied to conservation science, and archaeometallurgy.
      Ahmad thinks that his participation in the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference is an opportunity to represent Yarmouk University and Jordan in this important international event. It will enrich his knowledge and experience in cultural materials conservation, particularly his main research and teaching field, metals conservation. It will also allow him to meet scholars from several countries, learn about the work carried out at their institutions, and discuss possible collaboration in the future.


PIYAMON KINGPRATOOMMAS                          
Conservator, The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles - Bangkok, Thailand

      Piyamon “Oom” Kingpratoommas graduated from the faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. She started her career as an editor for a fashion magazine. Her passion for textiles and interest in the field of conservation led her to join the staff of the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles in 2008. She has been trained by professional textile conservator, Julia M. Brennan. In 2013, she completed a textile conservation internship at the Heritage Conservation Centre in Singapore.
       Piyamon helped establish and set up the lab at the QSMT into its current functioning capacity. She conducted condition reports and treatment proposals for all the textiles and artifacts currently on display. She is engaged full time as a textile conservator, executing treatments, installation, exhibition preparation, and an active preservation outreach program at the museum.
      She expects the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Melbourne, Australia, will expand her knowledge to make a positive contribution to her career.


VESNA ŽIVKOVIC                                          
Head of Centre for Preventive Conservation, Central Institute for Conservation - Belgrade, Serbia

      I am a preventive conservator with thirteen years of experience in cultural heritage preservation and risk management and coordination and implementation of educational projects with a regional and international focus. I have been instrumental in developing preventive conservation services and activities in Serbia. I participated in the establishment of the Department for Preventive Conservation at the National Museum in Belgrade, and am now responsible for the Centre for the Preventive Conservation in the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade.
      The participation in the Melbourne Conference will surely expand my experience and enable me to acquire new knowledge, in order to inform conservation practices and decision making in Serbia, and to initiate a partnership with colleagues from a diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Finally, the topic of the conference is of great importance for the post-war developing countries of the region of South East Europe, including Serbia, which shows increasing socio-cultural instability.



TASHI LHENDUP                                  
Conservator, Department of Culture, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Thimphu, Bhutan

      I am Tashi Lhendup from Bhutan. I work as Conservator for the Department of Culture since 2004.
      I had my degree in Tibetan Buddhist wall Painting from National Institute of Arts and Crafts in Bhutan. It was an opportunity to get training in the field of conservation in India, France and Korea.
      Conservation in Bhutan is only a decade old and we are only four conservators to attend the conservation of paintings or other artifacts in the country.
In my career as a mural conservator, I have worked with my professionals from UNESCO, Getty Foundation and currently I am working with the Courtauld team on conversation and restoration of wall paintings in Tamshing in Bhutan on 16th century wall paintings.
      This opportunity to be able to attend the ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference has the utmost importance for my professional development and represents my Institute or Country for the first time at this level. I hope to meet many related expertise and gain much knowledge and experience from the conference.
      I thank Getty Foundation for the grant and making it possible to attend the conference.


Development Manager, National Museums of Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya

      My name is Muthoni Thang'wa. I am a highly creative professional in heritage management as a curator, communication and in business development, with a background in Anthropology and a professional in culture and the creative economy.
      I work at the National Museums of Kenya, headquarters in Nairobi. Nairobi is a beautiful city and perhaps the only city in the world with a National Park. Kenya is home of the big five, famous for safari escapades. The hidden secret about Kenya is her very rich heritage constituting of different cultures and traditions with varying, fascinating lifestyles, dishes, dances etc.
      Attending the Melbourne conference is a wonderful opportunity to network with other Museum professionals from all over the world, exchange and borrow idea and bring on board the Kenyan experience. Meeting new people is always a new window to showcase Kenya and it unique and remarkable heritage.

VALERIA SURUCEANU                                  
Conservator-curator, National Art Museum of Moldova - Chisinau, Moldova

      I hold a degree in history at Lomonosov Moscow State University (1990) and I am Conservator-curator from the National Art Museum of Moldova. Since 1993, I have been working at the NAMM as conservator at the Modern Sculpture and Art décorative department and my future plans are connected with the museum activity. During this time I organized more than 40 exhibitions and took part in several museum projects. In 2008 I was awarded with Medal for an exemplary contribution to the conservation and enhancement of museum collections. The award was conferred in the framework of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra and European Commission (2008).
      From 2010, I am Chair of the National Committee ICOM Moldova and I think that my participation at the Conference will be important and useful for my position.
      Since 2010 ICOM Moldova develops the international projects in the field of conservation that include the regional and international training and workshops with participation of ICOM members. ICOM Moldova plan to provide opportunity to museum professionals in Moldova to liaise with ICOM-CC members and also share their experiences with the colleagues from around the world. During 31 March-6 April 2014 at the National Art Museum of Moldova there took place the very important training course Capacity Building of Cultural Heritage Protection in Times of Emergency designed for museum personnel and specialists working in the field of cultural heritage. The National Committee ICOM Moldova project is financed by the Prince Claus Fund program for Culture Emergency Response and supported by the ICCROM experts, who were involved in the implementation of the program First Aid for Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict.


YOUSRY TAHA                                                  
Conservator, Team Head, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization - Cairo, Egypt

      Conservator of all works of fine art on paper at the National museum of Egyptian Civilization "NMEC"; currently responsible for department of Graphics conservation & one of the museum's team handling the processing of labs at the N.M.E.C.; as well as responsible for processing system in preventative conservation strategy, also M.A. Candidate in the Preventive Conservation of the Museum’s Graphic Collection & holds a Bachelor of Science Conservation & Restoration of Antiquities from Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University.
      Certainly attending the ICOM-CC Conference in Melbourne is important & will add a lot to me, and that the expertise and knowledge of the participants in the conference will provide me a lot of tools opening my horizons to succeed in my career. Because heritage conservation has always fascinated me, I'd like to know and learn a lot in this field to be a knowledgeable conservator.


Conservator, The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles - Bangkok, Thailand

      Nuchada “Joy” Pianprasankit graduated with a Bachelor degree from the faculty of Archeology Silpakorn University, Thailand in 2011.Then she started her career at The Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles as a visitor service officer. In 2013, she was transferred to be a conservator and was trained by the museum’s senior conservator consultant, Mrs. Julia M. Brennen.
      In the field of textile conservator, she works on preservation and conservation of the museum collections and preparing condition reports. She was the key researcher on the conservation department’s project of the traditional methods and materials for preserving textiles in Thailand.
      Being a part of the 17th Triennial Conference of ICOM-CC in Melbourne, Australia, would be the opportunity to represent the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles as an institute and museum known for preservation in Southeast Asia. She would also gain experience in the textile conservation field.


HAKIM BOUAKKACHE                                     
Lecturer in Archaeology and Conservation, Université De Constantine 2, Algeria – Bouira, Algeria

      Maitre Assistant à l’Université de Constantine, Faculté : Science Humaine et Sociale Département ; Histoire et Archéologie. (depuis octobre 2010). Travaillé au musée national du bardo Février 2007 / Mars2009. Travaillé à OPNA (Office du Parc National de l’Ahhagar (Mars2009 – Octobre 2010)
Stages et formations pratiques:
      fouille dans le site de Ain el Haneche (Algérie) 2003; fouille dans le site de Ain el Haneche (Algérie) 2004; fouille à Tissemsilt (Algérie) 2006; fouille à Tissemsilt (Algérie) 2007; participation a la session de formation des Muséologues arabes, organisée par l’I.S.E.S.C.O (UNESCO), qui s’est déroulée au Musée National des Antiquités. Avril 2007; fouille dans le site de Tin Ainesnis (Algérie) 2009; Conférence à Tizi-Ouzou sur le rôle du musée en 2007.

MARISOL ZUÑIGA LAU                
Collections Conservator, Ludwig von Mises Library – Guatemala, Guatemala

      I am the collection´s coordinator at the Ludwig von Mises Library, Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala city. My responsibilities involve to ensure the conservation of the collections in all supports, applying preventive techniques.                I´m currently in charge of the preservation laboratory and digitization of books and documents. I have experience in bookbinding, book and document restoration.
I´ve received international training in book and document restoration, conservation of collections. Each year I organize the “preservation week“ at Ludwig von Mises Library, having conferences and workshops about preservation and conservation.
      I have taught courses and also have spoken in conferences about conservation and digitization in my country, Latin America and the United States.
       The goal of my participation in this conference is mainly to acquire new knowledge of conservation new practices in order to improve my skills and implementing this knowledge in my library and its collections. It will be a wonderful experience to increase the professional networking and share information and knowledge with others conservators.

Associate Professor and Head of Conservation, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – New Delhi, India


Lecturer in Archaeology and Cultural Resources, Redeemer’s University - Redemption City, Nigeria

      Titi is a lecturer at the Redeemer's University where she had taught courses on Museum Management, Cultural Artefacts, GIS and Tourism in the past eight (8) years. She has a background in Archaeology, obtainning a B.Sc. in Archaeology at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria where she recently obtained a Ph.D (Cultural Resource Managment) as well. She is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa where she is conducting researches on Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Her research interest has focused on preventive conservation of cultural resources, museums and tourism, and application of information technology using Geographic Information Systems among others.
      Participation at the 17th ICOM-CC triennial conference at Melbourne would not only enable her share her research experience by way of poster presentation, but also grant her the opportunity of learning about conservation experiences from other delegates at the conference while enhancing interactions for future research collaborations.
       Thanks to Getty for the grant.


WILLIAM GAMBOA SIERRA                          
Director, Bachelor program in Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Universidad Externado de Colombia - Bogotá, Colombia

      Conservator of Cultural Heritage, from the Faculty of Cultural Heritage, Universidad Externado de Colombia; Studied the Master in Museology at the Reinwardt Academie – Amsterdam School of the Arts. Has experience in Collection management and lecturing in the areas of Theory and History of Conservation and museology.
      Since 2012 works as Director of the bachelors programs in Museology and Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Universidad Externado de Colombia; is also the leader of the research group Museums as agents of social regeneration recognized by Colciencias(COL0136648).

ABDUR RASHEED                                                                  
Senior Conservator (Project), Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – New Delhi, India

      Abdur Rasheed, post graduated in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management from Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management (DIHRM), New Delhi, India, is pursuing research in Conservation from National Museum Institute of Art history, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi. He is currently working as Senior Conservator at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi. With a decade of experience, he has worked in several organizations including National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM), Centre for Archival Research and Documentation (CARD) at Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art.Pvt.Ltd, Abdur has coordinated various projects on preventive conservation of manuscripts, worked in numerous exhibitions; managed and archived rare collections. He has attended and contributed in several national and international conferences.
      Abdur has received short term training from National Museum, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil and ICOM-ITC, Beijing, China, in conservation and museum management. Recently, he has received training in paper conservation as Mellon Fellow from Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. He has interest in documentation, exhibition and conservation.

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