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ICOM Young Member Travel Grant

ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference

Melbourne, Australia, 15-19 September 2014

Congratulations to the ICOM Young Member Travel Grant recipients to the Melbourne Conference! 


Asiarta Foundation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   

      Bettina Ebert is paintings conservator at Asiarta Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is in charge of collections management and conservation of Witness Collection, a comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary Vietnamese art. Bettina specialises in the treatment of Southeast Asian paintings.
      Attending the 17th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Melbourne will be a great opportunity to network with other young professionals within the region and beyond, as well as following current research in the field of conservation.

AGNIESZKA WIELOCHA                              
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

      Agnieszka Wielocha is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Art. Her Master’s thesis was on Conservation and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art. She works as a conservator in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Her main interests in the conservation field are modern materials, documentation and preventive conservation.
      ICOM-CC conference is the best place to learn what is going on in conservation around the world, about technological innovations, new trends, materials, management and ethic standards. The possibility to learn from the experience of specialists from other countries is particularly important in issues related to the dynamic field of conservation of contemporary art.


SIMONA MATUZEVICIUTE                              
National Museum of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania

      Simona Matuzeviciute has been working as a conservator of archaeological finds at the National Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius since 2000. She specializes in conservation of waterlogged organic material, mainly wood.
      Besides meeting colleagues from all over the world and sharing experience in conservation practice, attending the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Melbourne is a great opportunity to understand conservation reasons and to improve decision-making, to learn more about communication problems and how to solve them and to explore the role of conservation in creation of historical narratives.


ABDELRAZEK ELNAGGAR                                        
Fayoum University, Giza, Egypt

      Abdelrazek Elnaggar holds a PhD from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University, Egypt. His thesis addressed investigations of laser applications for the conservation of archaeological organic objects. Further degrees are from City and Guilds of London Art School (London, UK), and Cairo University (Fayoum branch). He is employed as lecturer in the Conservation Department at the Faculty of Archaeology at Fayoum University, Egypt, and is the General Secretariat of ICOM Egypt and president of the Arabic Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works (ArIC). Dr. Elnaggar is active in the LACONA conferences (Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks) and has presented and published papers and posters on “Laser cleaning of burial encrustation and aged protective coating on Egyptian leather; optimization of working conditions” and “Ultra short pulse laser cleaning of gilded surfaces”. Additional publications include: A. Elnaggar et al., “Laser cleaning of excavated Greco-Roman glass: removal of burial encrustation and corrosion products”, Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean, contributions to the Istanbul Congress (IIC), London, UK; A. Elnaggar et al, “Microbial study of Egyptian Mummies: an assessment of enzyme activity, fungicides and some mummification materials for the inhibition of microbial deterioration”, E-Conservation Magazine, 16, 2010; A. Elnaggar, M. Strlic, A. Nevin, Nanjing Zhao, D. Anglos and A. Elserogy, “Multi-analytical study and assessment of laser cleaning of an Egyptian 20th century canvas painting”, poster presented at TECHNART 2011 conference, Berlin.


Livingstone Museum, Livingstone, Zambia

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