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 Travel grant recipients ICOM Rio 2013

Hakim Bouakkache

Hakim Bouakkache holds a Magister (MSc) degree in Archaeology with a concentration in conservation from the Institut d’Archéologie, Université d’Alger, Algeria. He has completed internships in excavation sites at Ain el Haneche, Tissemsilt, and Tin Ainesnis Algeria, as well as completing training in museology, photography, and computers. He is Assistant Professor at the l’Université de Constantine and has made presentations on the “Role of Museums in the Conservation of Moveable Heritage” for the Tizi Ouzou Directorate of Culture. Collaborations include the Musée National du Bardo in Adrar and the Office du Parc National de l’Ahhagar. His professional training incorporates experiences in textile conservation (taught by Julia Brennan), metal conservation (taught by Jacques Rebier), ceramic conservation (taught by Pascale Girard) and leather conservation (taught by Julie Nives-Nivou) all at the Musée National du Bardo. Mr. Bouakkache was also a recipient of a Getty Foundation travel grant to attend the 16th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, 2011.

Abdelrazek Elnaggar

Abdelrazek Elnaggar holds a PhD from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University, Egypt. His thesis addressed investigations of laser applications for the conservation of archaeological organic objects. Further degrees are from City and Guilds of London Art School (London, UK), and Cairo University (Fayoum branch). He is employed as lecturer in the Conservation Department at the Faculty of Archaeology at Fayoum University, Egypt, and is the president of the Arabic Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works (ArIC). Dr. Elnaggar is active in the LACONA conferences (Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks) and has presented and published papers and posters on “Laser cleaning of burial encrustation and aged protective coating on Egyptian leather; optimization of working conditions” and “Ultra short pulse laser cleaning of gilded surfaces”. Additional publications include: A. Elnaggar et al., “Laser cleaning of excavated Greco-Roman glass: removal of burial encrustation and corrosion products”, Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean, contributions to the Istanbul Congress (IIC), London, UK; A. Elnaggar et al, “Microbial study of Egyptian Mummies: an assessment of enzyme activity, fungicides and some mummification materials for the inhibition of microbial deterioration”, E-Conservation Magazine, 16, 2010; A. Elnaggar, M. Strlic, A. Nevin, Nanjing Zhao, D. Anglos and A. Elserogy, “Multi-analytical study and assessment of laser cleaning of an Egyptian 20th century canvas painting”, poster presented at TECHNART 2011 conference, Berlin.

Ogechukwu Elizabeth Okpalanozie

Ogechukwu Elizabeth Okpalanozie is employed as Senior Conservator at the National Museum in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Microbiology, a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration, and is working on her PhD in Cultural Heritage Microbiology. She was trained in Preventive Conservation by the British Museum in conjunction with its Africa Programme, was a participant in the ICCROM international course on “Reducing Risks to Cultural Heritage”, and presented a paper entitled, “Enriching a Nation’s Cultural Heritage Using Social Media: a New Dawn in National Museum, Lagos” at the 2012 CIDOC (ICOM International Committee for Documentation) conference in Helsinki, Finland. Ms. Okpalanozie will make a presentation on “The Value of Conservation in the Twenty-First Century: The Nigerian Story” at the ICOM-CC session of the 2013 ICOM General Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Abdur Rasheed

Abdur Rasheed works as Senior Research Fellow at Indira Gandi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India. He holds a Masters in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management, and is pursuing his PhD from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India. Mr. Rasheed has conducted workshops and managed the documentation and conservation of collections for Osian’s C.A.Pvt Ltd, National Mission for Manuscripts (IGNCA), and Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi. His professional in-career training includes workshops on Preventive Conservation (ICCROM, Rome, taught by Gaël de Guichen) and photography (CRCC, Paris, taught by Bertrand Lavédrine). He has been author and/or co-author on various publications including: Rasheed, A. and Pandya, A., “Digital Technology and Museum Communication”, 62nd Annual Conference of Museums Association of India at Patna Museum, Patna, India, 2012; Rasheed, A., “Issues in Conservation of Islamic Manuscripts in India”, Islamic Manuscripts in South and South East Asia, organized by The Islamic Manuscripts Association, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK, 2011; Rasheed, A., “Recent Developments in Book and Paper Conservation”, International Conference on New Approaches in Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration in Europe" in Horn, Austria, 2011. He is proficient in several languages including English, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, and Arabic.

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