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ICOM General Conferences

Every three years, ICOM’s General Conference gathers the international museum community around a theme chosen by the museum professionals.

More than 1,500 experts and museum professionals meet for a whole week to exchange and discuss museum concerns.
The General Conference is based on scientific discussions with ICOM’s International Committees; on administrative sessions during which the General Assembly and the Advisory Committee set up the guidelines of the organisation; and finally, on forums based on the international museum-related events.

Recent General Conferences have been held in Seoul in 2004, Vienna in 2007, Shanghai in 2010, and Rio de Janeiro in 2013, Milano in 2016.

Information on ICOM-CC activities at the next ICOM General Conference will be held in Kyoto, Japan, 1-7 September 2019.

ICOM 25th General Conference in Kyoto, Japan, 1-7 September 2019

Kyoto 2019 ICOM-CC recipient of the ICOM Young Professional travel grant.


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