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Scientific Research Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020

Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020:


Specific themes for investigation/research


  • Development and application of non-invasive techniques, including chemical imaging
  • Technical studies of artist materials and techniques
  • Thermal and mechanical studies of material properties
  • Damage functions: Ageing/degradation studies; material and environmental modelling
  • Heritage science data: visualization, mining and sharing information by a broad community of users
  • Citizen science: Role of the public in scientific inquiry




  • Interim Meeting: a meeting with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) consortium (University College London, University of Oxford and University of Brighton) is being discussed for June 2018 or 2019 in the UK.  


  • Actively and regularly circulate relevant information to the Working Group members via group e-mails, posting news and information on the Scientific Research webpage, and creating and maintaining a Facebook page.
  • Create one e-mail newsletter during the 3-year period for more indepth focused highlights on interesting projects.


  • Compile a publication bibliography organized by the Scientific Research Working Group from past interim meetings.
  • Focus on recruiting and developing relationship with emerging professionals and those in countries not strongly represented at ICOM-CC. Organise a roundtable session for emerging professionals at our interim meeting. Focus on highlighting news and work being done in under-represented regions in our Facebook page, website and newsletter.
  • Explore possible synergies and collaborations with other science research groups/entities in the heritage science field and beyond, such as Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage, and Archeology (SEAHA) and groups in the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS).


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