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Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020

Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020:


Specific themes for investigation/ideas

A. Materials science, deterioration and conservation

  • Investigation/ technical study of objects, object materials and production methods
  • Deterioration of materials found in objects
  • Conservation case studies
  • Exhibition and display methods
  • Storage methods

B. Ethics, values and decision-making

  • Decision-making processes and preservation rationales
  • Collaborations with diverse interest groups and assessments of their impact in conservation decision-making
  • Living traditions and production practices and conservation
  • Reviews of historic practices in the preservation of indigenous and world cultures cultural materials
  • Developments in approaches to preservation of museum collections
  • Socio-political responsibilities, including continuing developments within international indigenous rights 
  • Local systems of knowledge and their roles in conservation

 C. Cross Disciplinary Themes

  • Emergency and disaster recovery  (coordination with the Preventive Conservation Working Group)
  • Sustainability 




  • Publication of an annual issue of the Working Group Newsletter
  • Engage with the membership through the ICOM-CC website and social media such as Facebook
  • Investigate possibilities within ICOM-CC to bring the membership together online in order to facilitate sharing relevant information/research (ex: websites/downloads/webinars)


  •  Follow up on research of biocides in collections and update the Working Group’s Biocides webpage
  • Follow up on author permissions for past Triennial Conference Preprints and publications of the Working Group in order to facilitate online publication


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