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Become an ICOM member

ICOM Sign up pages

  • You first need to apply for ICOM membership through the ICOM National Committee in your country. For application procedures click here (ICOM site).
  • You then need to choose ICOM-CC as the International Committee you want to have voting rights in. This can be done by sending to ICOM the INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEES MEMBERSHIP FORM, which you can find here. (It is sometimes possible to indicate which International Committee you want to join when registering to the National Committee.) Please forward a copy of your application to the ICOM-CC Secretariat in order to be on the ICOM-CC membership list as soon as possible.
  • If you are an ICOM member who has chosen another International Committee to have voting rights in, you can also join ICOM-CC, but with no voting rights, by registering here

Become a member

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