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Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration Working Group Triennial Programme 2017-2020

Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020:

Specific themes for investigation/ideas

  • Review of methodology of stratigraphic investigation and documentation of multiple surface layer applications in view to formulate an applicable best practice for the communication and sharing of data and observations towards analysis and interpretation for conservation treatment decisions and academic and art historic research and study purposes.
    • Assess this methodology in its suitability and expansion beyond medieval polychrome wood sculpture for assimilation with other surface decoration media and techniques on stone and metal and to also bring together sculpture and architectural decorations. 
  • Review of available methodologies and practices in the treatment of surface decorated wooden artefacts to eliminate pests in regards to applicability, availability, cost and time effectiveness, success rate, and challenges.
    • Address aspects of practicalities in pest treatments for objects or assemblages remaining in situ and exploration of potential alternative considerations, agents and approaches for pest elimination/ maintenance treatments in East Asia.
  • The role and nature of ‘light’ as the intangible and ephemeral media intrinsic to the artistic effect of historic, modern and contemporary interiors and Installations.



  • Two potential workshops:
    • review of stratigraphic methodology andocumentation of polychrome wood sculpture (Venue: tbd) Potential collaboration with ICOM-CC Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Working Group.
    • pest treatments for polychrome/ surface decorated wooden objects, structural components (Venue: tbd) Potential collaboration with ICOM-CC  Preventive Conservation Working Group.


  • Explore and expand on the use of the forum on the ICOM-CC website for sharing of queries and information.
  • Continuation of existing Linkedin group and reviving of Facebook page as an extension and additional communication channel in support of the ICOM-CC website forum and general web page.


  • Completion of Madrid ‘Painting the Flesh’ publication early in the triennium.
  • Provide assistance in editing of texts for publication of post prints from the joined interim meeting of the ICOM-CC Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer Working Group and Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decorations Working Group from Potsdam (April 2016). 



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