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Preventive Conservation Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020 


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:


Specific themes for investigation

Within the framework of the 10 agents of deterioration (physical forces, fire, water, pests, incorrect temperature and humidity, light and radiation, contamination, criminal activity, and dissociation), our work will focus on questions dealing with:

  • Sustainability
    • What role does our profession play in the context of using energy more sustainably
    • Research pertaining to reduction in energy requirements
    • How can material wastage be reduced within workshops and stores
  • Efficiency (efficient and effective use of resources)
    • Prioritisation
    • Improved processes
  • Communication with organisational stakeholders and beyond
    • Ways of engaging with stakeholders
    • Consideration of audiences in the context of conservation
    • Visualisation of data and evidence
  • Digital technology and technical innovations
    • Innovative use of digital technology in preventive conservation
    • Development of digital tools in the context of preventive conservation



  • Improving the Preventive Conservation working group’s communication with Working Group members through:
    • Regular emails
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Working Group Newsletters
  • Increase communications and engage with ICOM and ICOM-CC membership in China and the Far East


  • Establish working relationships with INTERCOM, the ICOM International Committee for Museum Management, and ICAMT, the ICOM International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques
  • Address joint environmental guidelines project with IIC and ICOM-CC Directory Board
  • Address proposed Resolution of Storage project for ICOM General Conference with ICOM-CC Directory Board
  • Support ICOM general conference in Kyoto in September 2019 through programme input and collaboration with other Working Groups
  • Organise preventive conservation related online event or tutorials


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