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Active areas of research in Preventive Conservation are grouped under the following themes:



A. Environment – including:

  • anoxia
  • biological activity
  • climate
  • lighting and radiations
  • pollutants
    • dust
    • industrial pollutants
    • materials used in construction
    • sinks and filters


B. Risk management – including:

  • methodology
  • mitigation
  • categorization (of collections / of risk types)
  • quantification
  • prediction
  • dissociation (marking inventory numbers)


C. Physical forces – including:

  • building works
  • handling, packing, transportation
  • modelling
  • shocks and vibrations
  • mitigation against emergencies


D. Materials – including:

  • suitability of materials used in construction
  • coatings
  • pollutant sinks and filters


E. Strands within each theme include

  • sustainability
  • tools (IT models, new analysis tools etc)
  • sharing and collaboration (e.g. Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures: Synergy for a multidisciplinary Approach to conservation – CHARISMA)
  • guidelines, standards, and best practice (e.g. CEN TC346 Conservation of cultural property)


These themes are not meant to be exclusive but represent the most active areas of research.

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