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Photographic Materials Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017:

  • Encourage contributions to the ICOM-CC 2017 Copenhagen Triennial Conference in order to achieve a full day of Photographic Materials Working Group sessions and possibly a joint session with another Working Group.
  • Organization of an Interim Meeting for March 2016. Currently investigating the possibility of it being hosted by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Other venue options are being considered. The two-day meeting will include one day of presentations on a specified theme (to be determined) with the second day open to any relevant topic. Tours and a workshop (subject to be determined) will precede the meeting.
  • Production of newsletters at least once a year covering topics relevant to the Photographic Materials Working Group membership including projects and activities of members, conferences and training/learning opportunities, and research and project updates.
  • Increase the Photographic Materials Working Group membership to over 75.
  • Establish and implement best use of the webpage for the distribution of information for members, including listing of events.
  • Continue to develop collaborations and working relationships with other photograph conservation groups and other ICOM-CC Working Groups. This will include the Photographic Materials Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), the Education and Training in Conservation Working Group and others where appropriate.
  • Continue to support a Photographic Materials Working Group subgroup for photograph conservation educators and the Education and Training in Conservation Working Group providing expertise and advice as required and appropriate.
  • Research: The Photographic Materials working Group will work to communicate, encourage, and facilitate the many areas of research being conducted in photograph conservation:
    • Characterization and analysis of the broad range of photographic processes and associated materials from the earliest 19th century processes through to contemporary works.
    • Preventive conservation studies with emphasis on storage, handling, and display.
    • Scientific techniques and methods of analysis used in the study of photographs, including the most recent developments as well as those that are well-established and continue to be in common use.
    • Case studies of artist working methods and processes.
    • Documentation of photographs: methods, systems, and techniques.
    • Sustainability practices and photograph conservation.



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