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Paintings Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014-2017:


  • Prepare, coordinate and select the papers and posters for the next Triennial Conference in Copenhagen, September 2017, based on the theme “Linking Past and Future”. In this context, particular interest will be given to retrospective studies about the last 50 years or a synthetic review of data over this period.
  • Inform professionals about new meetings and symposia in the field of painting conservation by the way of website and newsletter, in order to promote research in painting conservation.
  • Produce newsletters meant to give information but also to review published books or conferences. The newsletter will be shorter than in prior years, including fewer sections for each newsletter edition; this will be compensated by more frequent newsletter distribution. Over each year, the amount of content would be the same but each newsletter would be more compact. Where appropriate, communications to the Working Group may be made in languages other than English but the newsletters will be published in English.
  • An intermediate joint meeting with the Preventive Conservation Working Group will be organized in Paris in 2016, on "Mechanical issues in conservation”, with three main topics:
    • Development of new tools exploring mechanical issues
    • Application to painting conservation
    • Application in preventive conservation (transports, condition reports)


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