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Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group
Triennial Programme 2017-2020


Working Group Activities and Projects 2017–2020: 

Specific themes for investigation/research


The Archaeological Materials and Sites group is interested in holistic approaches to archaeological collections and sites, including but not limited to the following:


  1. Conservation and restoration of archaeological materials.
  2. Conservation strategies and management of archaeological sites: for example, impacts of climate change; protective shelter design; new techniques for documentation and interpretation; physical vs virtual reconstruction; rescue and post-conflict conservation; managing mass tourism; pros and cons of contract excavations; encouraging and involving stakeholders; repatriation issues.
  3. Conservation strategies and management of archaeological collections in storage: for example, environment control; protective furniture and packaging; documentation; encouraging and involving stakeholders.
  4. Education and training: for example; bridging the gap between educators, archaeologists, conservators and site managers; improving guidelines for on-site conservation; strategies for interpreting sites for the public.




  • Attract members, initially with the help of mentor Working Groups, Metals; Murals, Stone and Rock Art; Wet Organic Archaeological Materials.
  • At least one annual newsletter to be shared with members via ICOM-CC website, direct email and/or Facebook.
  • Create Facebook page or LinkedIn discussion group.
  • Arrange a session at ICOM-CC 19th Triennial Conference in Beijing 2020 by encouraging contributions from the field and selecting appropriate submissions for paper and poster presentation using the given criteria.


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